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Paolo Website Design Vietnam will make you a website that will stand out in a crowd and reach a wider audience. Making a website is easy. What you REALLY need is a website that is beautiful, original, and helps your bottom line. We will optimize your website for discovery and conversion as well as speed and beauty.

Who will you talk to?

Website Design Vietnam is team of two French guys: Pierre does the design, I do the development. Together, we have 35 years of experience in the website industry (yes, before the internet was even born!). We are only taking one interesting website project at a time, so we will focus on what’s good for you, and take care of your website like if it was our baby.

Pierre Vacca

Pierre Vacca

Lead Designer

Pierre is the best designer alive. With 20 years of experience in the design industry, he can make it all, from your website design to your branding, and anything in between.

Paolo Euvrard

Paolo Euvrard

Lead developer

Paolo is a website developer and online strategist who works on mobile first designs for the modern internet. 15 years of experience in website development makes him the guy you want to hire.

WP development, the right way

Let’s cut to the chase right away:

You need a beautiful website, you need it fast, and you need it cheap. We are in Vietnam, after all!

We can do that for you with a WordPress based website and the Divi framework, which will allow for a custom design and a rapid development.

WordPress website

WordPress is the world most used CMS (Content Management System), with 30% of the world’s websites running on it.

Divi framework

Divi is the most reliable, fast and versatile modern builder there is. It will allow us to make any design required, and you will have full control over it.

Website must have…

Website UX/UI

Your website design is the first thing your visitors will consider, and they will judge the quality of your website through it, before even reading your proposal or what you have to offer. It must be original, professional and easy to surf. It must as well be responsive to any screen size and allow for a good user experience.

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is how your page is optimized for search engines like Google. You do not only need to be interesting for your visitors, you need your pages to be understood by search engines. It needs to be relevant for its topic and giving the proper signals, so search engines can rank you better; simple as that!

SEO Content

Your website content is king. It needs to be relevant to your visitor’s expectations and interesting enough so they will share it with their friends. It should, in fact, answer your visitor’s queries as best as possible, so they will choose you over another website as the reference. Plus you will get a better ranking too.

Social Media

Social Medias are a very important part of the World Wide Web. Your website should use their signals to rank better and offer your visitors the means to share your posts or pages easily. It needs to be registered as well on the relevant social medias to get a better exposure and ensure more traffic.

Website Structure

A perfect website structure will help search engines to crawl your website better and understand its algorithm. That will lead to better ranking for the pages you need to see on the first page of search results, helping you get more visitors. It should be clear and easy to navigate for your visitors too.

Secure, Fast, Responsive

A good website should be secured, so you don’t get hacked by malevolent people and your customer’s information are safe. It should load fast so your visitors have a better experience and don’t leave it before seeing what it is about. It should be responsive to any device as well.

Website Design Vietnam

Website Design

We create modern mobile-first websites that are user-friendly and convey your message to your customer efficiently.


What good is a website if nobody can find it?
We will set-up a proper SEO that will boost your website ranking on Google.

SEO optimization Vietnam

Web Development

We develop websites using the latest technologies which are easy to handle with a Content Management System.

Get a free estimation now! With us, there is no hidden cost. Get an estimation for your website now.
Just Click on the button and tell us what you need: simple as that!

Your website complementary Services

We consider that these services should be part of any professionally set-up website environment. There is much more than meets the eyes to make a great website.

• Free HTTPS – SSL security certificate for life.
• Basic website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) set-up and sitemap creation.
• Inscription to major search engines (300), including Google account and Bing Account.
• Google webmaster tools.
• Google analytics to track your website traffic.
• Inscription to Mailchimp for the mail management and email double opt-in sign up.
• Social media sharing on main pages.
• Double opt-in form to collect visitors emails (pop-up and/or on screen).
• Social media ready (Facebook OG tags and Twitter card).
• Creation of a Google+ page for local business – helps to get a better ranking.
• Creation of a Dropbox account for backups.
• Automatic regular backup of the website to Dropbox.
• Creation of a Free CDN account (Content Delivery Network) if necessary.
• Website speed optimization.
• Website security to prevent hacking.
• Security enhancement for the email forms and eventual chat and forum.
• Implementation of a live chat plugin – if required.

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