Why you should not buy a cheap website

Why would you buy a cheap website? Or go for a free internet site? That seems insane to me, as in any business, you should invest some money to make some.

by Paolo Euvrard

Why you should not buy a cheap website

Many of my customers are trying to bargain the price they pay, but mostly because they do not understand the value of the internet site they want to have. But hey, I get it, they are thinking: “Let’s start with a cheap website, and we will see later!”.

Well, with 600 hundred internet sites being created in the world every minute, if you want to succeed in the web business, you better know what you are doing.

If you do not want to make money (or have visitors to your website) a free, or cheap website, is ok – but in that case, wouldn’t you be better off doing nothing at all?


Why you should not buy a cheap website

First of all, I am talking about cheap, because, except if you are dumb enough to believe that, there’s nothing free in this world. Most of so called “free internet site” comes at a price.

Add 10 $ there for your “professional” domain name, some dollar here for a plugin that you will need, etc. But it’s NOT FREE, trust me on that one. If you tried already the so-called free platform, you know what I am talking about.

But besides the price only, these small price websites have many flaws:

  • They are extremely slow which is not good for SEO and your visitor's experience, with limited bandwidth and small disk storage.
  • The template you will use will be extremely limited, and your website will not be able to evolve over time.
  • You will have an unprofessional web address (yourwebsitename.wix.com) instead of a real www address like http://brixsaigon.com.
  • There will be irrelevant ads on your website that the platform uses to finance itself – and you will not be able to put your ads.
  • Your website can be shut down at any time if the company disappear or any other reason.
  • They can sell your information – it does not belong to you after all.
  • It ‘s hard to move to a new professional website, and your content will be difficult to retrieve (again, it’s not yours).
  • You will be the target of numerous email offers.

There is more, but no need to go into details here, you get the idea: buying a cheap website will not get you very far!

Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot of customers for these websites, and there’s some case when it is completely ok to take a free internet site.


For example, if you are selling sausages in Birchwood, Wisconsin, a free website would be a good idea. Not many people are passing by, and anyway, they wouldn’t come there for your sausages, so go ahead!!!


Otherwise, if your goals are to:

  • Get visitors to your website.
  • Make money through the web.
  • Building a customer email list.
  • Showing how professional your establishment or service is.
  • Build landing pages that convert your visitors into paying customers.
  • Properly taking advantage of social media and digital marketing.

You will need something better.

Buying a cheap price website in India

I am talking about India because they are the mecca of the internet, but frankly, Bangladesh is more competitive.


A quick note about India. I said it’s the internet mecca because it’s true. Many developers there are very good, and even impressive, but underpaid, and they spend hours doing great jobs. Most of the company in the US or other countries are employing people in India to do their work, especially in the SEO business, and they charging you for that. But that will be the topic of another article.  Kamran Kashif, founder of  Couch CMS, and one of my idols is Indian: and does he rocks!!


India, Bangladesh, even Vietnam are places where you can buy a cheap website. But again, you get what you bargain for. Not that the people are not good, but if your goal is to spend a few hundred (157 USD for a website in Bangladesh), don’t be surprised if the site does not deliver its promises. There’s only so much that can be achieved with a small budget – meaning with few hours of work.

Cheap price websites and the template problem

Let’s say you want to pay cheap, what’s going to happen?

Chances are the developer will show you a WordPress template (or not) and will install it on your new acquired hosting and domain name at birchwood-sausages.com. You will give them the little content you came up with – few paragraph of text, a logo and few images stolen from Google or even your own taken with your iphone7. The guy put everything together: the job is done!

Hell NO!!!

Any dumbass can these days, with a little knowledge, buy a WordPress template on Theme Forest for 59 USD and install it on a WordPress web hosting. From there, adding content is not that difficult, WordPress is kind of an easy tool, and the learning curve is quite short: even an absolute beginner can, with a little research and a little patience, find his way around in a couple of days.

And now what?

We are not back in 2000 were websites were in short supply and competitors inexistent. Competition is now fierce, and building an internet site base is only the tip of the iceberg – if that even makes sense…



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