Airbnb service website development for Boostars France

Published the 26th Nov, 17 in the Portfolio category

Website development for a company in France, dedicated to service for Airbnb clients and home owners.

This Airbnb service website offer a simple solution for landlords and customers.

Website development specifications

The customers who will rent an apartment or a house can order a range of service to ease their visit:

  • Welcome basket.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner for 2 or more.
  • Bathroom set with clean towels, shampoo, soap.
  • Lovers' pack with champagne and massage oils.
  • Rent a baby chair of bed.

Landlords can simplify their tasks by using the following services:

  • Check-in and check-out of the guests.
  • Washing the linens.
  • Cleaning of the apartment.

And many more options.


Website functionalities

Through the website user-friendly UX, the visitors can easily add any services they require and pay for them online.

Once it is done, the website manager receive an order confirmation and, once approved, the order is sent to the Boostars' staff job board.

The employees can then choose a client if he is in his area on the job board. Once the employee select a job, the management confirm it availability to the staff and the client receive a confirmation email.


Boostars' staff employment submission form

To access the job board, any staff should submit a form including his specifics, a resume, a picture of himself, a criminal record, etc. 

The management then decide if the applicant is suitable for the job before allowing them access to their personal account.

Each personnel can be rated by their client according to their performance - punctuality, service, and so on. Rating takes the form of a star rating from 1 to 5 and a comment.


Extra website functions

A free chat was added to the website for the visitors to contact the management at any time.

An internal chat from their respective pages allows the customer to contact the people in charge of their order personally and vice versa.


link to the live website