Digital twin website development for Akselos Integra Modeler - Switzerland

Published the 27th Nov, 17 in the Portfolio category

Digital twin website development was a big part of Akselos rebrandind campaign as their customer needed to be impressed by the company at first sight.

Akselos develop 3D modeling for heavy machinery industry, and they needed a professional website design company to develop their responsive website in a short of time to follow their re-branding effort deadline - we did it in a month, right on schedule, as usual.

Website development specifications for Akselos

The website uses a WordPress Content Management System, with a website builder, called Divi, easy enough to handle.

The goal of the website is to present the company to their prospects.

Their landing page introduce the company scope and their potential domain of application:

  • Offshore engineering
  • Port infrastructure
  • Heavy machinery

Each of these categories has its own sub-page, and within each a set of informational documents related to it to download.

There's as well all the classic pages: an about us page, a blog and a contact page.

Each page has its call to action, to encourage the visitors to contact the sales team for an appointment or further information.

There is as well a learning center, filled with documentations related to their product. 

Each document can be accessible to the public, or protected : in that case it requires an email to access the document.


Link to Akselos Digital Twin